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brett's totally illegitimate kid has landed on the base network with all credentials that are just too legit to ignore.

Because serious investors look for a strong narrative before buying in, right?

Well, here you go!

Brett is pepe's college roommate and best friend.  Once humid, summer morning and desperate for some relief from the hot sun, Brett made his way to the public pool to take a dip.  He found himself alone there... alone and, as usual, horny.  So he did what he usually does.  He jerked off.

The bastard jerked off and left his jizz floating on the pool!  A fucking public pool!

Soon after he left, a poor lass entered the pool, did some breast strokes, some backstrokes, and to her regret later on, some frog strokes.  It was during the latter when Brett's mini-me's found their way into the unlucky woman...

And that was that.

Years later and Pepe has become a cultural icon, rubbing off some of his popularity on Brett who has become a big name himself owing to his own Crypto token which breached 300 million USD in market cap on the base chain network.

Brett was surprised by the sudden visit of a weird, spiky-haired kid who also had an earring.  The kid introduced himself as brett's long lost son, Bratt.  Brett was confused.  Bratt told him the story of what happened.  Brett became even more confused.

They found some difficulties dealing with each other at first, but ultimately, blood proved thicker than water.  They resolved their issues and have come to accept each other for who they truly are...

Father and son.

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, a new token emerges, promising not just innovation but a legacy. "Bratt," named after its progenitor's son, is the latest project to make waves on the Base Chain. With a vision to transcend the success of its forebear, Bratt aims to capitalize on the momentum generated by Brett's unparalleled success in the crypto realm. But Bratt isn't just any token; it's a testament to the power of community and the brilliance of a team with a proven track record.

At the heart of Bratt's ethos is its community-building initiatives. Recognizing the value of a strong, engaged community, the project focuses on fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose among its holders. From interactive platforms to exclusive events, Bratt provides myriad opportunities for its community to connect, contribute, and grow together. This approach not only strengthens the project's foundation but also empowers its users, making them active participants in its journey to the top.

Leading Bratt is a highly skilled and experienced incubation team, well-versed in the art of launching successful crypto projects. With a rich history of navigating the complexities of the crypto market, this team possesses the connections, knowledge, and expertise necessary to propel Bratt to new heights. Their strategic vision combines innovative technology with robust community engagement, ensuring Bratt is not just a token but a movement.

As Bratt continues to rise, it stands as a beacon of potential, guided by a team whose credentials promise a journey filled with achievement and purpose. In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bratt is not merely a token; it's a legacy in the making, driven by the power of its community and the unmatched prowess of its leaders.


Total Supply




SAFU. LP Locked, CA renounced.

Buy ETH from your favorited CEX such as Binance or coinbase.  Bridge your eth from ethereum to base using .

Connect Your wallet to Uniswap.  Make Sure you're using the Base Network.  Paste our official CA.

Buy $BRATT.  Do Not Jeet.  Take out your initials if you have to.  Most importantly, HOLD until we reach the millions.




CA: 0xf395680803b269b62702554723E05b373171b07b

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